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May 20, 2022

Call for Applications – Artist in Residence 2022-23

Hosted by University of Toronto

The McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology at the University of Toronto seeks applications for an inaugural Artist in Residence. The theme for our programming in the 2022–23 academic year is “Our Selfies, Our Selves.” The Artist in Residence will engage questions of the “technologized self” or “technologies of the self” in an exhibition of their work at the McLuhan Centre Coach House and will participate in McLuhan Centre programming as detailed below.

​A number of such “technologies of the self” have seemed salient in recent years: the selfie and its revolutions in our practices of imaging and self-imaging; our constant presentations of self in everyday life online; the endless online avatars we create, from dating profiles to VR avatars to the advertising profiles platforms collect; the intimate biometric technologies of the “quantified self”; or, simply, the endlessly irritating rectangle in the Brady Bunch grid of a video call that shows us back to ourselves. This year’s theme is dedicated to aesthetic and critical inquiry into the ways different selves and different kinds of selves are gathered together, dissipated, forced into being, shattered, unraveled, stabilized, valorized and monetized, lived through—in an age of an unprecedented technical and mediatic investment of the self. A full statement of the theme is described above.

​We seek the perspectives of those for whom structures of extraction and domination have rendered selfhood a problem. As a matter of principle, but also in regards to this year’s theme, we are especially eager to receive proposals from queer, trans, nonbinary, femme, racialized, disabled, or otherwise marginalized artists.

We seek artists working in “media art,” very broadly understood. This might be work that uses digital technologies and electronics as its artistic medium. Or, it may use any means or media to pose questions or draw insights about contemporary technologies. Or, it may be some conjunction of art, technology, and concept that we have not yet imagined.

​We welcome projects in progress as well as proposals for new projects. We are happy to host artists working in pairs or teams.

The studio and exhibition space will be the Coach House, a multi-use heritage building that was once McLuhan’s salon on campus. Successful projects will activate the space while respecting the limitations of that space. The exhibition space measures approximately 6.643 x 6.014 meters. Photos of the space are available upon request.

Deadline: May 20, 2022