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May 13, 2022

Murals Without Walls 2022

Hosted by Kickstart Disability Arts & Culture, Kudoz / Curiko

Registration is now open!

Expansive, playful and low-barrier art-making in community – from wherever you can join us!

For the second year, Kickstart is thrilled to present, Murals Without Walls! This unique program involves 3 FREE digital low-barrier process-based creative art making workshops which prioritize prioritize Mad, D/deaf, and Disabled participants who are artists – whether you are a professional artist or are just starting to dabble in art making!

Three guided workshops, facilitated by Kay Slater, are designed to explore The Self, encouraging artists to expand their unique creative process, supported by demonstrations, conversation and community.

Registration includes a kit of supplies for Vancouver Area registrants (maximum 30 kits available); participants are also encouraged to incorporate materials readily available at home.

Please Note: due to funding & logistics of program, individuals must reside in Vancouver or Area to be eligible to receive a supply kit. However, the kit is not necessary to participation & you may use your own supplies*

Registrants will receive a link to join the workshops hosted on Curiko, and how-to videos and transcripts of workshop content for 24/7 access, on your own schedule.

Following the studio workshops, Vancouver Area registrants will be invited to apply to a professional jury for the opportunity to create a portable mural featured in this year’s Vancouver Mural Festival in August. Not interested in the second phase of the project? That’s OK! You are welcome to attend the workshops regardless!

Details about this stage of MWW will be available during the studio workshops, and details will be made public at that time.

Workshops will run Wednesday May 25, Thursday May 26 and Friday May 27 with the choice of time:

  Session One : 5:00PM – 630PM   Session Two : 7:00PM- 830PM

In addition, if you cannot join an evening session, registrants will have access to recorded workshops in spoken English with auto-generated captions. Please note: participants will not be required to have their cameras on for personal privacy and comfort.

If you participated in the workshops last year, you are welcome to register again this year, and also apply for the mural creation opportunity. Registrants who participated in 2021 and received an art supply kit are not eligible to receive a kit again, but are welcome to participate!

Registration Open UNTIL Friday, May 13, 2022


Live workshops will be hosted digitally with auto-captions in English, with ASL interpretation and auto-transcripts available via Otter and CART services.


Kickstart Disability Arts & Culture

PO Box 2749 Station Terminal, Vancouver, BC, V6B 3X2, Canada

Phone number: (604) 343-9141

Email: hello@kickstartdisability.ca

Kickstart Disability Arts and Culture, in Vancouver BC, gives artists with disabilities a voice. This can mean everything from facilitating a disability art group, to bringing an international film to Vancouver, to presenting art exhibitions and concerts. We are committed to supporting and promoting artists in every discipline, with all disabilities (and sometimes collaborations with able-bodied artists). We present the best in Vancouver and BC, and where possible, we bring new voices to Vancouver from across the country and around the world. We support artists and develop audiences for an understanding of disability art. Becoming part of the larger picture, of course, means professionalism. Kickstart is also committed to presenting professional work in a professional context. To coin a phrase “authentic non-sentimental expressions of the disability experience”. In programming and curating, we present cutting-edge work as the artists we present offer distinct perspectives on the human experience – risk taking, artistically engaging, socially relevant and at times, challenging. We are a nonprofit Society and a registered federal charity in Canada, with a small staff and a dedicated crew of volunteers. Please check out one of our events and get involved with us!

Kudoz / Curiko


Kudoz is an experience platform connecting people with and without disabilities to splendid things to do, together. Locals host one-hour experiences, anything from podcasting to learning Korean. Youth and adults with cognitive disabilities search the platform and book experiences to try. It’s free and there’s no waiting list!