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June 30, 2022

Call for Proposals: Accessible Comics Design Competition

Following two public forums on Comics for Blind and Low Vision Readers, SF State’s Accessible Comics Collective seeks proposals from individuals or teams to produce comics in accessible formats. We welcome submissions that:

  • Adapt a traditional comic into an accessible version for blind and low vision readers, either from an existing comic or one created for the purpose of this charrette; or
  • Produce a new comic that is “born accessible.”

Recognizing that no one size fits all, applicants may consider multiple approaches to accessibility such as but not limited to:

  • Physical and/or digital media that promote nonvisual engagement;
  • Multimodal interactions via audio, tactile, and/or haptic approaches;
  • Other technological innovations. 

We see these projects as demonstrations to the comics industry of the possibilities for making comics accessible, and spurring further innovation and widespread integration of accessible comics.

**Proposal Criteria ** The proposal should present a plan to create an accessible comic at least six pages in length (or of comparable scope, as we recognize that some formats may not correspond to traditional page formats). The design team must include at least one Blind/Low Vision member (if you need assistance connecting to the blind community, please reach out to us for help – we can help with matchmaking upon request). Along with new projects, we are open to proposals that focus on existing projects currently in the prototype stage. Proposals should include the following:

  • Names and background of each team member;
  • A brief statement articulating your interest and (if relevant) past experience in accessible media;
  • A description of how the comic will be accessible (all in one form or created with an accessible accompaniment);
  • Sample work from team members that demonstrates the feasibility of the project;
  • A timeline and description of any particular resource needs. 

We encourage applicants to explore the video recordings from our Accessible Comics Symposium held in August 2021 for inspiration and guidance as your proposals take shape.

Exhibition All projects will be shared publicly via an online program and displayed at SF State in late 2022 or early 2023. We expect the exhibition will also travel to help bring awareness about the need for accessible comics and the diversity of approaches. Proposal Deadline: June 30, 2022!!

Selected teams will be awarded a cash prize of $1500 to bring their piece to fruition. 

Rights Authors will retain ownership and copyright of all submitted work. The Accessible Comics Collective retains rights to exhibit the work and use the works for the purpose of dissemination, publicizing our efforts, and community education in perpetuity.


While we understand that not all portions of your work will yet be made accessible, the proposal needs to be presented so that blind and low vision members of the selection committee can assess the quality of any work samples provided.