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May 22, 2022

#Paprika21 Playwrights Unit Readings

Hosted by Paprika Festival

A triple-bill celebrating scripts hot off the printer from this year's Playwrights Unit! Join us for a recorded series of three 30 minute staged readings, featuring excerpts and introductions from emerging playwrights across the country. Kicking off the afternoon is 'Free Pizza' by Toronto-based artist Ethan Keyes, a messy and hypocritical coming-of-age porno that explores how being white-passing bleeds into even the most ridiculous situations. Next up is 'Hay Coloured Houses' by Calgary-based Maezy Dennie, a cross-examination of growing out of an old relationship and into a new gender identity. We will close with 'womanizer' by Tanaz Roudgar, following sharareh the night after an awful date, grappling with the creeping loneliness of the night. Orgasms are one of the best sensations in the world, but what if they’re not enough?

This event is presented as part of the Paprika Festival, a unique performing arts festival celebrating the work of young and emerging artists. Explore all festival events at paprikafestival.com


This YouTube Premiere screening will be closed captioned. The digital presentation will remain online for 6 months after the premiere. Folks are welcome to pause, rewind, stop and revisit at any time. 

If you have any questions, please contact Julia Dickson at julia@paprikafestival.com.


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