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May 28, 2022

Misfits in the World: Crip Futurities and World-making in Disability Arts

Emergent Futures CoLab (EFC) will be hosting Dr. Eliza Chandler, Dr. Carla Rice, and Lisa East for its 6th "Talking Uncertainty" session. The speakers will speculate upon the anti-assimilationist politics of “crip cultural practices” within the disability arts sector in northern Turtle Island (Canada).

The talk will be followed by a discussion led by EFC co-founder Dr. Rana El Kadi, where EFC members will explore how arts and cultural organizations may transform their pandemic practices into crip cultural practices by seeking out "crip wisdom" (Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha 2016) from disabled artists and curators. We will contextualize the speakers’ work within the discourse of "crip futurity" (Alison Kafer 2013), the disruptive, future-oriented politics of disability arts (Sean Lee 2020), and the iterative praxis of "critical access" (Aimi Hamraie 2017). We will further discuss the ethical and practical complexities of “cripping” our research methodologies and gesturing towards decolonization while collaborating with disability community members with intersectional identities and conflicting access needs.

Read more about the talk here: https://www.urgentemergent.org/talking-uncertainty/misfitsintheworld

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