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May 26, 2022

Show Me What You're Working With: Music Edition

A feedback and networking session for song writers. This event will be a safer space! Indigenous and Black participants will be prioritized!

Do you have a song you’re working on that you’d like to get feedback on? Would you like the chance to get some feedback from other artists and give some feedback yourself in a supportive and fun environment?

Then sign up for “Show Me What You're Working With” - all participants will leave with feedback on their projects, an honorarium of $40 (in gift cards) and a chance to connect with other artists! The workshop is open to musicians of all disciplines and skill levels - even if you are new at this, we welcome you!

Space is limited to 16 participants. Registration for all applicants opens May 16th, 2022. 

LIL SIS is a grassroots, youth-led, youth-focused artist resource centre. we are youth (29 and under), queer, not queer, racialized, living in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, artists, and working class, amongst other things. we operate using a grassroots, peer-led, for us by us organizational model and we aim to prioritize the specific needs of our communities.


Live transcript will be available for this workshop. If there are any accessibility requirements or general questions, e-mail us at info@lilsis.ca and we'll get back to you!