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July 6, 2022

Sound Design: Making Sound Effects with Foley

Sound Design: Making Sound Effects with Foley is a 2-part online workshop that explores how everyday objects can be used to create original sound effects and compositions for film, TV, or video games.

The first session will provide participants with a brief overview of what Foley is and how it can be used to enhance a story or world. Participants will learn how to quickly get started in a digital audio workstation (DAW). This workshop uses Reaper. Participants are encouraged to record their own sounds using handheld recorders or smartphones, but audio files will be provided to use as well.

The second session will focus on experimentation. Participants will use their audio files to practice cutting, arranging, and layering waveforms in Reaper to create their choice of sound effects or a sonic composition.


This workshop will be presented online via Zoom with live closed captioning provided.