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May 31, 2022

Arts Atlantic Symposium

The future: It’s coming at us in the next minute, the next day, the next month. How are artists in Atlantic Canada greeting it? This is the foundational question of FUTURE POSSIBLE, the inaugural Arts Atlantic Symposium. 

“Future possible” is a verb tense, a way of approaching the world. At its core, artistic expression helps us envision new ways to move forward. Artistic encounters provide an exchange of ideas, a form of communication that lives at the heart of community. It is how we share (and transform) stories about ourselves and our society. It is a conversation composed of multiple voices and diverse perspectives, revealing and reflecting upon where we come from, how we are now, and where we hope to go. 

The past few years have caused fundamental changes for many artists and art organizations. How has this time given rise to new ways of seeing, thinking, and doing? What choices will we make now about reconnecting, about how we spend our time? How will we choose our creative partners and our audiences? How does the possibility of hybrid experiences in a digital era inform our creative approaches, breaking down barriers between physical location and artistic disciplines? How does place, and our way of being here — the pace, the tone, the environment — inform our ability to envision? 

Arts Atlantic Symposium is a three-day multidisciplinary festival with live performances, art installations, and public exhibitions, as well as a conference featuring keynote speakers, panels, workshops, and networking events. We invite artists, arts collectives, curators, scholars, or arts professionals to submit proposals for presentations, performances, temporary installations, or interventions for the public festival component of the symposium, or workshops, talks, panel discussions, or training activities for the conference component.


We are committed to providing application assistance. Please contact us with any questions about your application, the Symposium, or the application/selection process: Sarah Jones (Arts Atlantic Symposium Curatorial and Outreach Coordinator) - symposium@artslinknb.com.