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June 22, 2022

Indigenous Classical Music Gathering

Hosted by Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity

Building on the groundbreaking work previously established by the Canadian Classical Indigenous Music Gathering, Banff Centre is excited to invite folks to the third iteration of the Indigenous Classical Music Gathering. Led by faculty Cris Derksen and Eliot Britton, Indigenous composers and performers will come together to cultivate their personal crafts through collaboration and personal development. Participants will spend time each day gathering and discussing current classical music issues, unpacking their shared history of being Indigenous within the genre, and shining a light onto where they would like to see classical music go.

Indigenous classical musicians and composers will explore experimental elements of their craft, as well as finalize productions of their work to the best of their capacity in a fully supported environment, without barriers of micro-aggression, racism, or cultural bias.

We invite applications from regional, national, global Indigenous music practitioners including: composers, singers, instrumentalists, scholars, students, provocateurs, disrupters, advocates pushing the boundaries of their artistic practice, artists that serve their community, and artistic leaders in classical music. One does not need a university degree in the field, however should be working or intending to work in the field.

Apply by June 22

*Financial Aid of 100% is available to cover tuition, and 50% is available to offset food and accommodation costs.

Indigenous Arts is committed to supporting Indigenous artists and encourages all to apply for the additional financial aid to receive the full 100% funds for food and accommodations costs conditional to endowment available.


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