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June 21, 2022 - July 3, 2022

Camille: The Story

Hosted by The Segal Centre

Camille: The Story is an immersive performance about the end of a friendship. 

Designed to engage all of your senses but sight, this revised version of the show Camille: un rendez-vous au-delà du visuel offers a sensory experience that is accessible to all audience members, whether blind, partially sighted, or sighted.   After his close friend Camille’s departure, Pierre navigates her absence and revisits memories that take shape through movement, smell and sound. The different tableaux, realistic or abstract, shed light on Pierre’s journey and emotions as he faces the challenge of creating ties with new people.

This unusual work, specially designed for people living with visual impairments, offers a completely new sensory encounter with dance and theatre. Audience members are invited to enter the performance space, to sit at the centre of the set, as the story unfolds. The small capacity of six audience members per performance promises an intimate, unique, and multisensory experience.


The work is entirely accessible to people who are blind and to all audiences (12 years old and older).

People who are sighted and partially sighted must wear a blindfold from the beginning to the end of the performance.

Tickets at the price of 25 dollars for people living with a visual impairment, students, and seniors. Regular tickets are 30 dollars.


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