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July 15, 2022

Jr Program Assistant

Hosted by Kickstart Disability Arts & Culture

The Jr Program Assistant (JPA), will be overseen by and work in collaboration with Kickstart’s Artistic Director. Responsibilities include supporting and promoting the professional endeavors of the disability arts community in British Columbia & Canada as it pertains to the programming at Kickstart Disability Arts and Culture. The candidate will support program development, planning, execution, and evaluation. This requires involvement in scheduling, budgeting, registration, participant engagement, program-specific communications, coordination of volunteers, among other assigned duties. The above is a description of the possible range of duties and responsibilities; work will be reflective of pay rate and number of work hours. 

The ideal candidate for this position is a disabled arts administrator in the beginning stages of their career OR a disabled practicing artist seeking an opportunity to strengthen their knowledge and skill set and immerse themselves in the creative and practical aspects of arts & culture programming and administration. (Please note that disability is used in the above way as referring to any self-identification related to mad, Deaf, disabled, crip, chronically ill, sick, trauma impacted communities.)

The candidate must reside in British Columbia either in or near Vancouver, or have the means to be in Vancouver when required. The candidate must be familiar with working in an online context and be ready to move in-person should it be deemed safe to do so.


Kickstart Disability Arts & Culture

PO Box 2749 Station Terminal, Vancouver, BC, V6B 3X2, Canada

Phone number: (604) 343-9141

Email: hello@kickstartdisability.ca

Kickstart Disability Arts and Culture, in Vancouver BC, gives artists with disabilities a voice. This can mean everything from facilitating a disability art group, to bringing an international film to Vancouver, to presenting art exhibitions and concerts. We are committed to supporting and promoting artists in every discipline, with all disabilities (and sometimes collaborations with able-bodied artists). We present the best in Vancouver and BC, and where possible, we bring new voices to Vancouver from across the country and around the world. We support artists and develop audiences for an understanding of disability art. Becoming part of the larger picture, of course, means professionalism. Kickstart is also committed to presenting professional work in a professional context. To coin a phrase “authentic non-sentimental expressions of the disability experience”. In programming and curating, we present cutting-edge work as the artists we present offer distinct perspectives on the human experience – risk taking, artistically engaging, socially relevant and at times, challenging. We are a nonprofit Society and a registered federal charity in Canada, with a small staff and a dedicated crew of volunteers. Please check out one of our events and get involved with us!