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July 29, 2022

Disability Arts & Activism Archive: Interviewee Open Call

Hosted by Kickstart Disability Arts & Culture

The Disability Arts & Activism Archive (DAAA), a research-creation project led by Q Lawrence, is looking for its first interviewees!

You can read more about Q and this project in Kickstart’s introduction from June here: Kickstart Disability Arts & Culture Blog - Disability Arts & Activism Archive. This project is supported by Kickstart Disability Arts & Culture and funded through a Canada Council for the Arts grant.

Q [it/they], the lead researcher for the DAAA, is a disability justice educator, accessibility & culture consultant, writer & interdisciplinary artist, and grassroots death doula living on the land of the Pilalt and Ts’elxwéyeqw tribes of the Stó꞉lō Nation. It is not an academic, and is excited to engage in community-based research outside of the confines of academia entirely.

The DAAA is looking to speak to disabled/Mad/crip/ill people with experience in disability arts and organizing over any span of time in what is colonially known as “BC”. Have you run a mutual aid network that prioritizes community access and accessibility? Or painted a community mural featuring disabled/Mad/crip/ill art in subject matter and creators? Maybe you’ve organized protests, or vigils, or harm reduction services; maybe you’ve run disability-related programming in community, or created spaces for disability communities to connect, create, and organize. We want to hear from you!

For this first stage of the DAAA, we’re looking for 7 interviewees who will each receive an honorarium of $500 CAD upon completion of their interview; interviews will take place through September and October.

As explained in Kickstart’s June introduction, following these interviews, disabled/Mad/crip/ill artists of various disciplines will create multi-media interpretations of the interviews, which will be unique to each interview and interpreter. All of this will culminate in a website on which these interviews and their interpretations are housed alongside an interactive timeline detailing dates—drawn from the interviews—in which art was made or communities mobilized.

Understanding that a lot of projects about disability are overwhelmingly white, middle class, cisgender, and straight, the DAAA will prioritize applications from marginalized disabled/Mad/crip/ill individuals reflecting a broad experience of disability, including and particularly Black, Indigenous, and racialized people; 2 Spirit and Indigequeer people; queer, trans, and LGBTQIA+ people; and people whose lived expertise is rarely prioritized or included (e.g. people who have experienced incarceration, poverty, im/migration, houselessness, drug use, etc). For maximum transparency, selection criteria is explored and explained a little more in the application form.

Deadline for interviewee applications is Friday, July 29th, 2022


Interviews can be conducted over email, phone, video, or, if necessary, in person (with COVID safety precautions). Language translation/interpretation (including ASL) and captioning will be available as needed. Active listeners (people who can provide emotional support in case you are recounting traumatic or difficult events or otherwise need them) will be available upon request at any stage of your participation if you are selected. Any further accessibility considerations you need will be gladly received and all efforts to ensure your meaningful inclusion and participation will be made.

If you have any questions or concerns about the DAAA, or wish to apply via email instead of Google form, please contact us at Disability.Arts.Activism.Archive@gmail.com. Email applications can be made in the form of text, video, or voice recordings.


Kickstart Disability Arts & Culture

PO Box 2749 Station Terminal, Vancouver, BC, V6B 3X2, Canada

Phone number: (604) 343-9141

Email: hello@kickstartdisability.ca

Kickstart Disability Arts and Culture, in Vancouver BC, gives artists with disabilities a voice. This can mean everything from facilitating a disability art group, to bringing an international film to Vancouver, to presenting art exhibitions and concerts. We are committed to supporting and promoting artists in every discipline, with all disabilities (and sometimes collaborations with able-bodied artists). We present the best in Vancouver and BC, and where possible, we bring new voices to Vancouver from across the country and around the world. We support artists and develop audiences for an understanding of disability art. Becoming part of the larger picture, of course, means professionalism. Kickstart is also committed to presenting professional work in a professional context. To coin a phrase “authentic non-sentimental expressions of the disability experience”. In programming and curating, we present cutting-edge work as the artists we present offer distinct perspectives on the human experience – risk taking, artistically engaging, socially relevant and at times, challenging. We are a nonprofit Society and a registered federal charity in Canada, with a small staff and a dedicated crew of volunteers. Please check out one of our events and get involved with us!