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July 19, 2022 - July 24, 2022

Workshop Series

Hosted by CRIPSiE

As CRIPSiE begins the transition to in-person dance opportunities (stay tuned for more details!) we, the leadership team, are feeling the need to re-introduce our bodies and mind to movement and movement creation. Many of us, because of pandemic, have not had much of an opportunity to dance and are feeling out of practice. If you are feeling the same or are just hoping to dance with us again, we would love for you to join us for our upcoming workshop series!

Our online workshop series, lead by the wonderful Ainsley Hillyard of Good Women Dance Collective, will help ease our minds and bodies back into the creative and physical world of dance and dance creation. Each class will begin with a short warm up consisting of choreographed movements then transition into an exploration of improvisational techniques as means of generating movement.

We would love to help support our artists' journey back to dance creation and performance art, so we have made this a paid opportunity for our CRIPSiE artists. Our artists will be paid $25 for each session they attend.

Not a CRIPSiE artist but interested in becoming one? Send us a brief email to info@cripsie.com and we will be in touch soon!



8749 84 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB, T6C 1E1, Canada

Phone number: 780-455-5224

Email: info@cripsie.ca

CRIPSiE (The Collaborative Radically Integrated Performers Society in Edmonton) is an Edmonton-based collective of artists that include people who experience disability and their allies. We challenge dominant stories of disability and other forms of oppression through high-quality crip and mad performance art, video art, as well as public education and outreach programs.