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  • ASL Interpretation

July 27, 2022

CreateSpace Reimagining Community Engagement Panel Talk

Hosted by STEPS Public Art

Communities provide a wealth of perspectives and insights that can enrich a multitude of projects. Whether it be a public art piece, a social innovation initiative, policy development or a community building program – we must explore how we can best engage our communities to ensure their perspectives are meaningfully considered in our plans and solutions. 

In this STEPS CreateSpace/Shaping Space panel, moderator Anna Jane McIntyre (Quebec) will be joined by panelists Lindsey Lickers, Mushkiiki Nibi Kwe (Ontario), Jaime Calayo (Alberta) and Kayla Bernard (Nova Scotia) to reimagine community engagement and discuss different approaches that can help us adapt how we engage and how we can build trust with the individuals, organized groups, associations and institutions that all co-exists in the communities we live and work in. The discourse in this panel aims to enrich our understanding of why implementing community engagement is vital to generating more inclusive spaces. 

Presented by STEPS Public Art and the STEPS Shaping Space project, this free workshop is offered as part of the 2022 CreateSpace Public Art Residency.


Closed captioning, ASL, and LSQ interpretation will be available throughout this event.

Simultaneous translation into French is available to those who register for the live event. During the event, attendees will have the option within their Zoom toolbar to select “Interpretation” to access the live French interpretation.

The livestream of the event via STEPS’ Facebook channel will be in English only.

The CreateSpace project team is committed to the community’s full participation in this project. Please contact Belinda at belinda@stepspublicart.org if you have any questions or requests and we will do our best to accommodate.


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