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July 31, 2022

BIPOC Artist Advocate

Hosted by The Segal Centre

Working closely with the Artistic & Executive Director, the BIPOC Artists’ Advocate will support the Segal Centre’s objective to ensure that inclusion and accessibility remains a vital element in everything we do. They will facilitate and provide support for Segal’s EDI internal working group (ENSEMBLE) and ad hoc projects such as KOLOT, assist in the casting process and provide reporting to the Board in regard to EDI recommendations.

They will also play key roles as resource person to the creative and production teams of Segal productions, work as internal liaison with outreach consultants, and as advisor to the Marketing and Communications department. As an advocate for BIPOC Artists, they serve as the resident advocate for all BIPOC artists involved in any of the Segal’s productions throughout the season and support the shows throughout the pre-production and production phases of a project. This resource and position will be acknowledged in artist contracts. Introductions will occur at the beginning of the production phases, i.e. first production meeting, meet & greet.

Check-ins/Check outs throughout the rest of the planning, rehearsals, or during the run will be determined by the consultant and the artists as needed, with a final evaluation at the end for Segal purposes to monitor their progress and improve/adjust processes. The BIPOC Artist’s Advocate will embrace the values and mission of the Segal Centre, an organization within Montreal’s Jewish community that strives to maintain a diverse and inclusive space and working environment.


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The Segal Centre for Performing Arts is a not-for-profit theatre company dedicated to nurturing, producing and presenting world-class English-language theatre and to showcasing the best professional artists from Montréal and beyond. A part of the community since 1967, the organization was reborn in 2007 as the Segal and has expanded to become a nationally recognized venue for the performing arts with a focus on creation, innovation, diversity and cross-cultural collaborations. Driven by a belief in the power of the arts to strengthen and connect communities, the Segal’s programming emphasizes original interpretations of popular classic and contemporary works, new Canadian musicals and engaging productions with universal appeal.