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July 25, 2022

Hot House Crossing Showcase

Hosted by Cahoots Theatre Company

Our new Hot House Crossing program has been a transformative playwright development unit for new immigrant and refugee theatre artists in Canada. The program was born out of the Crossing Gibraltar outreach program and our Hot House Lift Off playwriting unit. 

Under the facilitation of dramaturges Santiago Guzmán and Natércia Napoleão, we are excited to share with you excerpts of the scripts each of the six playwrights has been working on over the last several months. Join us for the hour-long showcase on YouTube followed by a talkback on Zoom with the playwrights and the dramaturges. 


Armonía by Geraldine Fuenmayor

Children of Tomorrow by James B. Elloso

Not That Kinda Church Street by Jan Jennings

About Time by Vanessa Cardoso-Whelan

Father's Heart by Toyin Oladele

Broken Sea by Paz Jurado


  • YouTube Showcase video will be captioned by Rev
  • YouTube Showcase video will stay up on Cahoots' YouTube channel indefinitely 
  • Talkback and gathering on Zoom will have auto captions
  • The Zoom room will be recorded and posted on YouTube to live with the showcase video
  • If attendees have access needs, please email lisa@cahoots.ca