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August 14, 2022

Small Screen: Perspectives – Call for Submissions

this town is small is seeking experimental video works from Epekwitk/PEI-based artists for a non-juried group screening titled Small Screen: Perspectives. Submissions will be shown at a public event at City Cinema on Friday, August 26th.

TTIS is accepting experimental short videos and films that are under 5 minutes in duration*. Space is limited, and applicants are encouraged to submit their video file as soon as possible, and no later than August 14, 2022.

Small Screen is a new programming initiative by this town is small that aims to bridge gaps in our programming for media artists, and community-based social events! this town is small values exploration and experimentation, and we encourage artists to use this screening to explore new techniques and ideas. We are excited to see what artists are currently experimenting with and working on, and gathering to celebrate finished works, works in progress, and explorations.

Whether new or old work, submissions should connect to the broad theme of Perspective:

Perspective is shaped by the senses and experiences; it’s how we situate ourselves in reference to our surroundings. Perspective can form illusions – it can turn two dimensions into three in perspective drawing, a trick of the eye that alters our perception. Perspective can shift, glitch and distort. Perspective can be a viewpoint: a birds eye view, a fisheye lens, a closeup. Perspective can be shaped by identity: the relationships, culture, and history that contribute to how we experience the world.


For more information, please contact Alexandra O’Sullivan, Communications Coordinator at info@thistownissmall.com.