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August 15, 2022

Call for Applications: Research Lead

The Saskatchewan Arts Alliance (SAA) provides a collective voice for artists and arts organizations in Saskatchewan. Read more here. 

We’re in a time of renovation and renewal at the SAA; and entering into an exciting new phase. We have a new Executive Director and strategic plan. Our research and advocacy for the arts and artists in Saskatchewan is more important now than ever. For the first time, we are offering this Research Lead position full-time, and in-house at the SAA.

We’re looking for someone with experience designing, deciding, and delivering on research projects, the skills to engage with and respond to artists and art organizations, and a demonstrated ability to share research findings in meaningful and compelling ways with a variety of audiences.

The right person will have these qualities: exceptional knowledge and technical expertise in research; a genuine interest in and love for the arts; a full toolkit of communication skills; personal and professional authenticity; and strong organizational skills.

We hope this is you! 

This position reports to the SAA Executive Director, and works in close collaboration with other staff, Board, volunteers, and our members.

You’d be responsible for designing and delivering research projects that respond to the needs and interests of the arts community in Saskatchewan. Your role is to understand the needs of the artistic community in Saskatchewan, and to collect Saskatchewan-specific data, and present these data in compelling ways to advocate for SAA’s goals.

While meeting established ethical standards and excellence in research methods, you will contribute to shaping SAA’s advocacy strategy, develop the research framework and goals in response to the advocacy strategy, and carry out SAA’s research.

Your work will be about talking with and listening to the arts community, mobilizing those conversations, designing and conducting research, and communicating research results clearly and simply to the arts community, SAA members, decision-makers, and the public.

Deadline for applications: August 15, 2022


SAA is committed to cultivating diversity and inclusion across the organization. This includes efforts towards decolonization and accessibility in our work and mandate. 

We strongly encourage applicants from non-dominant cultural groups to apply. We welcome candidates from across Canada.

If you are having technical issues, please contact us. We do not want technology to be a barrier to you applying with us.

If you have any questions, or any problems with the application process, please contact Executive Director Em Ironstar at director@artsalliance.sk.ca