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August 4, 2022 - August 23, 2022

Falling Softly: dance with gravity: volume 2

Falling Softly: dance with gravity: volume 2 Part of the The Art of Falling collection by Harmanie Rose

Together we will research skills to find a falling practice full of creative potential. Dance using your own experience and impulses

In this second of 4 workshops, we will explore ways to create a supportive foundation to test our edges , balance and recuperative strategies. This class is a step toward building a gentle falling practice. We will warm up our bodies with a grounding self care practice before exploring what falling means to us with a series of improvisational activities. We welcome discussion at the end.

Please bring cushions and bolsters. It may be useful to be by a couch or other supportive structures. Set up your space in a way that will support your safety and creativity. Please practoice safety, and listen to your own impulses.

Harmanie Rose is a disabled contemporary dance artist facilitator and choreographer. She is an artist with Spina Bifida, who dances in and out of her manual wheelchair, facilitating spaces for all bodies to work collaboratively to create connections that uplift disabled, MAD, and marginilized artists. She is growing a dance practice that explores the vulnerability of the disabled lived experience; exploring movement that is authentic to bodies not often represented in dance.