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August 31, 2022

Call for Artists: Spectrum Productions

Spectrum Productions is a charitable organization based in Montréal, Québec committed to advancing the social, cultural and economic inclusion of individuals on the autism spectrum by supporting and promoting autistic creative talent in film and media production and the arts.

Launched in 2018, SPECTRUM LIVE is an online variety show created, curated and hosted by people on the autism spectrum and broadcast from Spectrum's Montreal studio. The goal is to bring creative autism communities from around the world together and provide a platform to showcase their extraordinary talents and skills.

Spectrum Live is looking for autistic and neurodiverse artists from across Quebec for Spectrum Live Season 2. This brand-new season will feature autistic and neurodivergent artists from across Quebec in 4 exciting episodes that will be created, directed and produced through our very own Creative Media Lab in collaboration with other production team members who join.

OPTION 1: SUBMIT A PITCH Are you an autistic or neurodivergent creator and would like your idea to be featured in an episode of Spectrum Live Season 2? We are putting out a call for pitches for:

  • 3-4 minute live-action segments 
  • 1-2 minute animated segments

Only 8 live action and 4 animation segments will be selected from the submitted pitches. You will receive an honorarium if your pitch is selected. Your pitch will be produced with the help of the Spectrum Live Team of Creators.

You can submit your pitch in writing, verbally in a one-on-one meeting, through visuals, or in another way that feels exciting for you creatively. SUBMIT HERE

OPTION 2: SUBMIT A VIDEO Are you an autistic or neurodivergent creator who has never worked with Spectrum Productions and would like your work to be featured in an episode of Spectrum Live Season 2?

Each episode will include a 3-4 minute segment featuring new video works from folks who have not worked with Spectrum Productions before and live in the province of Quebec.

If you have not yet been part of a Spectrum Productions program, you are invited to submit your:

  • 3-4 minute film
  • 1-2 minute animation

Only 4 film submissions will be selected. You will receive an honorarium if your submission is accepted. SUBMIT HERE

**THE DEADLINE FOR PITCHES AND VIDEO SUBMISSIONS IS AUGUST 31. **We will get in touch with you by September 12th to let you know if your idea or work has been selected.