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Artist Kim Kitchen

September 16, 2022 - September 28, 2022

To Reconvene // To Shoreline

To meet up, to arrive once again, a convergence of being and becoming. The shoreline is both refuge and passage—one emerges from or enters through. To Re-convene // To Shoreline exposes artist Kim Kitchen’s honouring of sacred earth. It offers a reflection in depth, perspective and experience, with appreciation and joy at finding ‘self’ once again in the natural landscape. It navigates ideas of separation—through illness, disability, lack of access, and ideas of return—through creativity, (re)discovery, community. It explores how our bodies can be covered—in safety, in isolation or in hiding; and uncovered—in kinship, ecstasy and determination. Kim’s multimedia journey invites others to immerse in the layers of ambivalence in their lives, uncovering and re-covering their own locations in relation to self and earth.