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September 20, 2022 - October 19, 2022

Audition Call: After Faust

[All of the information in English is available in ASL at this link: https://vimeo.com/750801405]

Seeking 5 Deaf actors for a stage production in Edmonton, Alberta! You will be working with Connor Yuzwenko-Martin as the Producer, and performing in the first staged production of his original script, After Faust, presented by RISER Edmonton. You will also work with Ebony R. Gooden as the Deaf director, and an ASL coach. We aim to make this the first Deaf-written, produced, directed, and performed play on a professional stage in recent Alberta history!

Actors must be fluent in ASL for communication. Within the performance, all other sign languages are welcome including but not limited to Maritimes, Quebecois, Black, and Plains Indian Sign Language. We strongly desire to assemble a cast of diverse backgrounds and cultural intersections. Previous professional acting experience is an asset but not required. If this is your first acting opportunity, please apply.

This is a non-equity production. Actors will be contracted directly by Connor Yuzwenko-Martin, who will be working in close partnership with Common Ground Arts Society as part of their RISER Edmonton program, which connects senior leadership from the performing arts community with underserved artists to maximize existing infrastructures, share resources and risk, help build new audiences, and support a commitment to create and innovate.


  • 5 weeks total.
    • 4 weeks of in-person rehearsal beginning the first week of January 2023;
    • 1 week of performances live in person at the Backstage Theatre, in the ATB Financial Arts Barns, home of Edmonton Fringe, February 2 through 12, 2023.

The script will be provided ahead of time in English, and an ASL version will also be available.


  • $700/week for 5 weeks
  • Travel and accommodations will be covered if you do not live in Edmonton.
  • Per diem of $75 per day will be provided for 32 days if you do not live in Edmonton.

Deadline to Apply: October 19, 2022 at 11:59PM MST (Mountain Standard Time)

How to Apply: To apply for a performing role, please submit four items to Connor over email at yuzmarconnor@icloud.com:

  • Resume/CV with focus on theatre experience
  • A short letter or video (max 1 page or 3 minutes) explaining why you are interested in being part of After Faust, and what your goals are for yourself as an actor. The letter must be English, or the video must be in ASL.
  • Between 1 to 3 headshots.
  • Your location if you do not reside in Edmonton.

Live auditions may be scheduled and can be held in person or through a video chat. All applicants will be informed if you are moving forward to audition or not. All applications will be contacted to inform whether they are moving forward.

About Connor Connor Yuzwenko-Martin is a queer Deaf creator born on Treaty 6 land with ancestry from Ireland and Ukraine. He is a communications specialist, actor, and playwright slowly and softly launching a Deaf arts collective, The Invisible Practice. To date, he has worked with organizations including Edmonton Fringe, Intrepid Theatre/Victoria Fringe, SOUND OFF Deaf Theatre Festival, Nextfest, RISER Edmonton, Tiny Bear Jaws, Good Women Dance, Outside the March, Quickdraw Animation Society, and Sync Canada. Connor relentlessly explores the intersections between Deaf/Disability experience, art, advocacy, leadership, and our collective future.

About Ebony My name is Ebony R. Gooden. I do not have a sign name but use (E on chin) by default. I live in Calgary, Alberta in Canada. I strongly believe it is important to create a safe space for Black, Indigenous, and racialized (BIR) Deaf artists in Calgary. My unique voice has intersectionality layers, which allows me to show hearing people what it is like to be Black and Deaf. To achieve that goal, I, alongside five other Black Deaf female artists, established a collective called SURVIVANCE. I directed our first play at Clin d’Oeil Festival in Reims, France. I’m currently a consultant for EDIA (Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity, and Accessibility) for the Calgary Arts Development (CADA) and Inside Out Theatre along with several other organizations to continue to challenge the barriers.

About After Faust Many know the classic tragedy of Doctor Faustus, who made a deal with a demon and ultimately gave up his soul. But few have asked the question, “What happened to Mephistopheles after?” Performed in ASL by a Deaf cast, the legendary demon is reintroduced to a modern audience in the same moment that they are unexpectedly bound to another human. Between scenes of grief, yearning, queer allegory, and—yes—even a hellish spin class, After Faust surfaces the oft-painful questions and choices that lay along the path of forgiveness and self-transformation.

Roles in After Faust

MEPHISTOPHELES (Mef) The legendary demon. Any gender identity and presentation can be cast. Confident and cynical with deeply hidden pain, punctuated with moments of monstrosity. Ancient and timeless but familiar with modern eras.

CASSIO Any gender identity and presentation can be cast. Personality traits and cultural background can adapt to the actor. They are tired, tortured, and ridden with guilt about Peia’s death. Almost desperate to do anything to bring him back.

THOMAS AQUINAS Male. Late 40’s. Deeply knowledgable about demons and angels and their relationships to humans. Has history with Mef, who has visited Thomas throughout his life and imparted mystical knowledge to the famous philosopher.

ELON MUSK 500+ years old in a youthful body. Any casting except white - this is crucial to the twisted nature of the character. Arrogant, egoistic, insane, yet maintains a strange nobleness.

PEIA CASSIO’s cousin who committed suicide just a few days ago. Any casting.


This production is fully funded by Edmonton Arts Council and Canada Council for the Arts. Access Support funding has been secured for ASL interpretation for the performers and creative team during rehearsal and performance. Individuals are strongly encouraged to share further specific access needs so that these can be accounted for during production planning.

Applications are accepted in English or ASL.

All of the information in English is available in ASL at this link: https://vimeo.com/750801405

Accessibility contact: Connor Yuzwenko-Martin / yuzmarconnor@icloud.com

After Faust will be unique in its goal to create a fully Deaf/sign language centred rehearsal experience. This means the performers will have minimal interaction with interpreters and hearing production staff, instead working directly with a Deaf director, producer/playwright, and potentially other Deaf-staffed roles. This will free the performers from everyday communication concerns to focus more fully on their creative process.