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October 30, 2022

Call for Submissions: Artexte's Research Residency Program

As part of its research residency program for 2023/4, Artexte invites three researchers (individuals and/or collectives) from all contemporary art disciplines to explore the collection’s documentary resources and deepen their research on a particular topic.

Research projects will be selected for their direct connection to the Artexte collection and institutional mission, while also demonstrating sensitivity towards the research interests and needs of the local and national art communities. Artexte prioritizes research projects that explore and value artistic practices and themes requiring more attention in Canadian art history and within art communities nationally, as well as projects that reveal and contribute to the accessibility of unsuspected or little-known documents in Artexte’s collection.

Artexte is committed to providing residents with research support and a workspace equipped with research tools (computer, scanner, photocopier). A research residency spans from one to three months, depending on the needs of each project. Artexte grants a $1,000 honorarium to selected residents.

Deadline: midnight October 30.