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November 10, 2022 - November 20, 2022

The Cave

Hosted by The Cultch

Presented by The Cultch, Tomson Highway, John Millard, and Martha Ross’s The Cave comes to Vancouver's Historic Theatre November 10-20 with new and magical animations by Bruce Alcock. A group of animals flee from a vicious forest fire and seek refuge in Bear’s cave. Waiting out the inferno, they reflect on their lives, their lost garden, and their impending doom. These unlikely and singed bedfellows share their stories and take comfort in their newfound community while the fire encroaches.

At times comical, at times dramatic and tragic, the evening is hosted by a wry and charming MC played by the composer, Millard, himself. The four performers sing seventeen stirring songs in English and Cree, playing abstractions of Bear, Moose, Beaver, Skunk, Snake, Wolf, Crow, and Fox. The cabaret band supports the style with wild, beautiful, poignant, and entertaining orchestrations. Part Nightclub, part Cave, the show stimulates discussion about our planet’s precarious survival in the context of exceptional art, offering an affirmative and cathartic experience. It is a sublime assemblage of multidisciplinary art, showcasing what makes Canada astounding and unique on the international arts landscape. The Cave is as entertaining as its themes are timely and has audiences leaping to their feet.

Accessible Performance: The November 20, 2PM, performance will be supported by audio description by VocalEye.

Common Boots has also created an Introductory Audio Series for The Cave for listening audiences. It’s sort of a short podcast series where I interviewed the creators, director, and cast who go into more detail describing how the project originated, and some descriptions of visual and stage elements and concepts. The link to the series is below: https://soundcloud.com/user-713424036/sets/the-cave-introductory-audio?si=2b159eebfd9c4c78bc897b5fb117ec63&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing


Accessible Performance: The November 20, 2PM, performance will be supported by live audio description by VocalEye.

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The Cultch

1895 Venables Street, Vancouver, BC, V5L 2H6, Canada

Phone number: 604-251-1766

Email: info@thecultch.com

The Cultch is Vancouver’s most diverse and innovative arts and cultural hub. We operate three theatres, a gallery, and various multi-use spaces in the heart of East Vancouver. We offer dynamic contemporary programming in theatre, dance, music, and the visual arts, bringing world-class cultural presentations to our community. Our purpose is to provide a performance space for diverse audiences, serve as a space for artistic experimentation, develop local companies, and present cutting-edge national and international work.