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October 19, 2022 - December 31, 2022

Casting Call: 100 Years of Darkness

Hosted by Deaf Spectrum, Inside Out Theatre

Deaf Spectrum and Inside Out Theatre are seeking to hire five performing artists to join their journey to a professional production of 100 Years of Darkness by Landon Krentz from Feb 12th - March 18th, 2023 at the Pumphouse Theatre in Calgary, Alberta. This is a paid opportunity and we meet the DOT (Dance Opera Theatre) policy guidelines. Please let us know if you are applying from out of town.

Please find more information about the performance and the roles below. Send an email to our producer Camille and she will arrange an interview if the applicant gets a call back at camille@insideouttheatre.com

Role #1 - Micheal, The Last Deaf Student (ASL/ENG Narrator) (Deaf/HH) Already fluent in ASL, Micheal shares their journey by navigating the Experiment Room and the outside world. As the investigator, Micheal provides a third-party point of view on the investigation of The Scientist and the Deaf students.

Role # 2 - Harmony, The Awkward Deaf Student (ASL) (Deaf/HH) Harmony is Hard of hearing character with Stockholm syndrome who had fallen in love with The Scientist. They aspire to be a dancer. The character has been living in the science lab/infirmary for a short time.

Role # 3 - Cedar, The Wise Deaf Student (ASL) (Deaf/HH) Proud Deaf character and mentor to many students. Cedar has been living in the infirmary the longest and shares a lot of wisdom in life. Cedar dreams of owning a sunflower shop.

Role # 4 - The Funder (ENG) (Hearing + Queer) The Funder is a typical hearing person who believes that ASL is unnecessary. They have good intentions at heart and provide resources for The Scientist to help Deaf people to assimilate into society.

Role # 5 - The Scientist (Physical theatre, no languages) The scientist develops a theory that ASL is evil and secretly experiments with Oralism. They want to revolutionize communication by having Deaf students to assimilate society


Deaf Spectrum

Deaf Spectrum aims to create greater accessibility for local Deaf communities in the Greater Toronto Area by providing services in American Sign Language.

Inside Out Theatre

630 8 Avenue SW, #600, Calgary, AB, T2P 1G6, Canada

Phone number: 403-282-4801

Email: col@insideouttheatre.com

We are a Deaf and disability theatre company in sunny Calgary Alberta equally invested in artistic excellence, community development, and deepening our cultures’ accessibility. We offer community-based drama programs to Calgarians with disabilities that foster a love of theatre, the joy of community, and the rewards of self-expression. We produce and present plays created by artists with disabilities and their allies that insist on and celebrate their place in the public sphere. And we work to improve theatre’s accessibility for audience members and to ensure their equity and dignity in attending performing arts in Calgary.