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October 26, 2022 - June 30, 2023

Share Your Story: Disability Without Poverty

Disability Without Poverty is seeking personal stories and experiences about disability.

Do you have a personal story or experience that you’d like to share ? Please email hello@disabilitywithoutpoverty.ca 

We accept video stories too! Preferred length: 90 seconds to 2 minutes

Here are some ways to write your personal story:

  • How often are you stressed about money? What happens when you are stressed? How does stress affect you?  
  • What are your needs that are not being met because of lack of money or support?  
  • What would you like people without disabilities to understand about the extra costs you have because of your disability?  
  • Are there things that prevent you from being able to work? What are they?  
  • Tell us about the activities or things you would do if money was not a concern?  
  • If you didn’t need to pay for medication or equipment, what would you use that money for?  
  • If you did not need to spend time worrying about money, how would you use that time instead?  
  • Other than money, what type of support do you need to best succeed?  
  • If you had more money each month, would you spend it? Save it? What would you do with it?