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November 28, 2022

Divergent Minds: Female Neurodiversity in Art & Art History

Join Verity Babbs online on November 28 as she explores female neurodivergency through art history (and, of course, its lack of representation) as well as how contemporary gallery practices and arts education systems can do better to accommodate neurodiverse audiences and students. Babbs herself received an ADHD diagnosis in 2022, which of course made her reflect on her own experiences in education and as a woman working in the arts industry. With examples and statements from contemporary artists and literature, this class will be a discussion on what happens when you don't fit the industry mould, how the art world reacts, and how it must change.

This class is part of London Drawing Group's Feminist Lecture Program, eventbrite.com/cc/feminist-lecture-programme-171369 a rotating weekly lecture program dedicated to discussing all things Feminist. 

6:30-8:30PM GMT (please note the time zone and adjust for where you are)


Tickets by donation.