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January 8, 2023

Call for Submissions: From Learning to Action Residency

Hosted by OBORO

The Residency From Learning to Action is a collaborative project between Spectrum Productions, the artist-run center OBORO and the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (MAC). Inspired by the Interrogating Access series, jointly hosted by OBORO and Spectrum Productions in 2019-2020, the project stems from a mutual desire to actively apply accessibility tools in the visual and media arts, here, specifically with the aim of experimenting with different approaches to developing audio description practices for exhibitions, and/or integrated video description for art or media projects.

From Learning to Action will include a series of 4 public webinars in 2023, skills exchange workshops for staff in our organizations, and a 10-month residency that is the subject of this call.

WHO: artists, cultural workers or media professionals WHAT: integrated audio description and/or video description for art and media projects WHEN: mid-February to mid-December 2023 (approximately one week per month)

About the residence: The From Learning to Action – Interrogating Access residency is is aimed at an artist, a cultural worker or a media professional. It specifically aims to experiment with different approaches to develop audiodescription practices for exhibitions, and/or integrated videodescription for artistic or media projects. We hope that the explorations carried out during this residency can help guide the implementation of good accessibility practices in artistic and media production, particularly with regard to audio description. As part of the residency and if appropriate for the proposed project, there will be opportunities to practice audio description for exhibitions already scheduled at OBORO and the MAC, and/or to develop integrated video description tracks for ongoing projects at Spectrum Productions, OBORO and the MAC. The three organizations each have some experience in different aspects of developing this type of content, which can also be used as a resource.

We expect the person in residence to devote approximately one week per month to the project. A presentation of his research will conclude the From Learning to Action webinar series .

Eligibility conditions: • Be a resident of Montreal; • Have a sustained artistic and/or media practice, whether professional or self-taught, or be a cultural worker with experience in carrying out accessible activities; • Have an interest or experience in exploring audio description and/or integrated video description in the context of contemporary art and media (including exhibitions, live performances, films, videos, etc.) .); • Be available to devote approximately one week per month (flexible schedule) to the residency project from mid-February to mid-December 2023; • Participate in all Learning to Action: Query Access 2 series activities (dates to be announced soon), including webinars and workshops (alternative access modes may be made available) if necessary) ; • Commit to making a public presentation at the end of the residency.

Conditions offered: • Fees: $5,000 for the entire residence. If necessary and in connection with the project, a second person could join the residence; in this case, the fees would be shared; • Access to the equipment and resources of the Creative Media Lab of Spectrum Productions and the New Media Lab of OBORO; • Artistic support from the Spectrum Productions and OBORO teams; • Access to audio description of works of art from current and previous exhibitions at the MAC, as well as access to its education team to discuss the practicalities and obstacles related to audio description; • A limited number of hours of technical support for the artist to become familiar with the equipment of the Creative Media Lab of Spectrum Productions and the New Media Lab of OBORO. The resident will then have to practice independently; • Up to $250 to cover the cost of additional materials for the project, if needed.

How to submit a proposal: • A short cover letter (1 page maximum; a 2 minute video presentation will also be accepted as an alternative submission format); • An artistic and technological description of your creative research project (2 pages maximum; a 5-minute video presentation will also be accepted as an alternative submission format): – Describe the research axis of the project and specify its link with integrated audio description / video description in the context of the production and presentation of contemporary art and the media; – Identify the main tools or media you intend to work with (eg video, sound, image, etc.); – Include a preliminary schedule or production schedule; – A list of expected technical requirements (specify the equipment you need from the host organisations). An audio recorder and microphone will be provided by Spectrum Productions. • A short biography indicating your training, your recent artistic or media projects, etc. (150 words maximum); • Internet links for support material: up to 8 minutes of video or audio material and a maximum of 10 images. For each element, specify the name of the artist, the title of the work, the format / support, the year and the duration; • Please identify the access assistance required from the host organizations for the residency (see accessibility information below). See examples of what can be included in an accessibility quote .

Candidates will be informed of the outcome of the call before the end of January 2023.

For any questions, please contact: interrog.acces@gmail.com

Deadline: Jan 8, 2023 11:00 p.m.


Please identify the access assistance required from the host organizations for the residency (see accessibility information below). See examples of what can be included in an accessibility quote .

**Accessibility information at Spectrum **Productions: https://www.productionsspectrum.com/accessibilite1 Information on accessibility to OBORO: https://www.oboro.net/information/ Information on accessibility at the MAC: https://macm.org/renseignements/accessibilite/



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