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March 13, 2023

Call for Applications: "Contact East" Conference

Contact East is an annual performing arts booking conference hosted by the Atlantic Presenters Association. The event brings performing arts presenters, managers, and agents together to see artist performances showcasing a diverse range of artistic genres, including but not limited to music, cabaret, dance, disability arts, circus arts, comedy, youth-oriented programming, and cultural performances.

This year, Contact East will take place in Woody Point, Newfoundland from Thursday, September 20 to Sunday, September 24 offering artist showcases and pitch sessions, professional development sessions, and numerous opportunities for presenters, artists, agents and managers to network and discuss booking opportunities.

Deadline: February 13 at 11:55pm AT.


If you would prefer to send in an audio or video file of the information or to set up a phone call or online meeting to complete this form, please message mailto:info@atlanticpresenters.ca.