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March 12, 2023

Call for Submissions: THIRD SHIFT - RECLAMATION

Hosted by Third Space Gallery

Third Space is pleased to present THIRD SHIFT: RECLAMATION! This year’s festival will take place August 18-20 2023 and will comprise of installations, screenings, workshops, artist talks, and more.

THIRD SHIFT is an annual festival of public contemporary artworks that takes place in Saint John, New Brunswick. THIRD SHIFT 2023 will take place from August 18 – 20, 2023. THIRD SHIFT: RECLAMATION aims to reflect in, around, and outside what once belonged to us as artists and observers. Personal time, bonds, roots, heritages, many of these elements in our day-to-day lives often get set aside in our fast-paced world. We are rarely given time to consider our existence amongst others, always caught up in anticipating everything but ourselves. What does it mean to take time for oneself, to reflect on self-care, to focus on hobbies, or to revisit physical places that once felt like home?

How to Apply:

  • Send the following documents to the email address: thirdspacesubmissions@gmail.com
  • Subject line: THIRD SHIFT 2023
    • Completed application form
    • Relevant images/video/audio


  • The successful applicants will be paid an exhibition fee in accordance with the 2023 CARFAC fee schedule ($450 for an individual, $650 for a collective)
  • An additional CARFAC fee will be paid to compensate applicants selected to present an artist talk or workshop
  • See website for details regarding production funding and travel funding

Deadline: March 12 at 11:59pm AST.


THIRD SHIFT will also accept proposals via phone, video, or audio file as needed by the applicant. This process will be a 10-15 minute recorded interview that takes place between an organizer or committee member and the applicant where we will go through each section of the application verbally. The conversation will be recorded and shared with the Selection Committee via video or transcription.

You may submit your application in English or in French. Please note that the selection process will take place in English, so your application will be translated.


Third Space Gallery

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Email: tiersespace@gmail.com

Third Space is an itinerant artist-run centre for contemporary art in Saint John, New Brunswick. We are committed to representing local, regional and national professional contemporary artists.