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March 22, 2023

Call for Submissions: Body/Heart/Mind Workshop Series

Nova Dance, in collaboration with UKAI Projects, presents "Reconnections — Body/Heart/Mind Workshop Series."

They are looking for approximately twenty (20) participants from dance, digital access, technology, and non-dance backgrounds to collectively explore ways of bringing movement to the public. As a participant, you will be part of a digital cohort that supports testing a prototype that promotes movement-based practice, hosted on a digital platform.

Each participant will attend a minimum of one (1) workshop or up to four (4) online workshops ($200 honorarium per session, per person) on the three themes and engage in conversations on Discord after each session. During each session, you will work with dancers and performance Artists at Nova Dance and the digital strategy team at UKAI Projects to shape Reconnections — Body/Heart/Mind, a digital platform, through the following values:

  • Care & Friendship
  • An invitation to trust
  • Play
  • Mediation (bringing people together/on the same page)
  • Processing Self-Acceptance
  • Forgiveness
  • Self-Exploration & Problem-Solving (through movement)

The cohort will be announced on April 2nd via email and workshops will take place starting in April.

Deadline: March 22.


Please email Luisa Ji (studio@ukaiprojects.com) of UKAI Projects and Sukruti (sukruti@novadance.ca) of Nova Dance at any time if you have questions regarding this application process or workshop series.