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March 23, 2023 - April 1, 2023

Convergent Divergency

Disparate dance styles and practices come together in this special double bill, featuring two new works: "helix" by Atri Nundy and "GIVE ME ONE" by Danah Rosales. Presented by Toronto Dance Theatre, this performance runs from March 23 - April 1 at the Winchester Street Theatre (Toronto). Atri Nundy brings together 3 company dancers and 2 Bharatanatyam dancers in her new creation, helix, which takes on a search for the contemporary in Atri’s own choreographic language. Altogether, the artists embrace the possibilities of the body with the spine at the crux of this piece. With deep rigour, care and concentration, the ensemble will show audiences the beautiful complexity of the body in the simplicity of movements. GIVE ME ONE from Danah Rosales, known as "New Legend Mother Maldita Siriano" in Canada’s kiki ballroom scene, will fill the theatre space with elements from their ballroom experience, including Runway, Face, and Vogue. This invigorating work is built upon the bonds formed and nurtured between 3 company dancers and 3 artists from the Toronto Ballroom community, all while celebrating each of their unique personalities, dauntlessness, beauty, power and joy.


Livestream performance: the performance on Saturday, March 25 will be live-streamed. Discounted ticket costs are available to view the performance online. Livestream ticket holders for 14 days after it airs. ASL interpreted performance: Thursday, March 30 at 7:30pm EST. Full accessibility information for this venue is available online.