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November 7, 2019

A Splendid Frame

Hosted by Toronto Queer Film Festival


317 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada

November 7
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

The innovative films in this program fracture the typical coming out narrative into something far more complex. Recalling the cool restrained tone of a CBC Radio documentary, The Common Fag provides a study of the behaviour of gay men sure to strike us all as very familiar. Spanky’s offers a glimpse of queer life in Small town Ontario where a local strip club becomes a refuge for the narrator. Homegrown complicates the notion of history as a stable and coherent narrative by creating a disorienting collage using juxtaposed images and audio fragments. Off the Highway Like Another Deer is a brilliant collage of shattered elements, revealing a deeper truth about sex and gender. A Splendid Case of Doubt is a love story incorporating the weird, the sublime, and the furry. In I, Will, a solitary figure walks down the street, goes home, and disrobes. In Framing Device, despair at the state of the world nurtures a longing for solitude and simplicity.

Co-Partner: The ArQuives
Image: Still from Splendid Case of Doubt, Dir. Daniel Moshel

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The Common Fag. Dir. Michael V. Smith, 2018, Canada, 4 min.
Spanky’s. Dir. Mée Rose, 2018, Canada, 4 min.
Homegrown. Dir. James Dixon, 2019, Canada, 4 min.
Off the Highway Like Another Deer. Dir. Sofia Higgins, 2019, United States, 9 min.
A Splendid Case of Doubt. Dir. Daniel Moshel, 2018, Austria, 4 min.
I, Will. Dir. Ieda Lagos, 2019, Brazil, 17 min.
Framing Device. Dir. Andrew Patterson, 2019, Canada, 27 min.

Pay what you can. All TQFF screenings will be closed captioned and/or ASL interpreted. Wheelchair accessible venue. Gender neutral washrooms. Waiting area with seating for audience members who need it prior to the doors opening. More accessibility information is available on the Toronto Queer Film Festival website.