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December 2

BAFF’s Beyond Barriers: Shorts Screening

Hosted by Bluenose-Ability Film Festival (BAFF)


5440 Spring Garden Road, Halifax, NS, Canada

December 2
4:00 PM – 5:30 PM

A free event screening a series of curated, local and international short films, made by or featuring people living with disabilities. This screening is rated PG for minor language. This event is held in partnership with Halifax Public Libraries.

More information on the BAFF website


Transform: Transform is a short autobiographical documentary which explores individuals living with the repercussions of spinal injuries. Through their journey of grief and resiliency, we uncover how similar incidents can have different outcomes and that one injury can leave you stronger than ever before.

La Lluvia Habla (The Rain Talks): A filmmaker explores the challenges that Latinas face from within their own families and the larger hispanic community when talking about mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

The Day I Stopped Talking: The Day I Stopped Talking animates a poem by the same name which describes the poet/filmmaker’s early life experiences with depression and psychosis. Poet, novelist and filmmaker Anna Quon is a mixed race, middle-aged, mobility-challenged Mad woman who has lived mostly in Dartmouth and Halifax since the day she was born.

A Cochlear Implant: A short infographic about how a Cochlear Implant works.

Overcome: The life of a man who tragically lost his vision at a young age, but through it all kept pushing towards finding joy in life again. A documentary about the inspiring story of Chris Delaney, a man who overcame disability to achieve his dreams after accumulative head trauma left him partially blind in the prime of his life.

A Real Boy: A 24-year old who suffers from autism shares his perspective on life and his struggles. His mother tells stories about his struggles and what it’s like to have an autistic son.

Twice Exceptional: Samuel Faux joined YDA as one of our youngest students, having recently finished 9th grade at Woodland Park Middle School. His interest in the program stems from wanting to tell his own story of growing up with Apraxia of Speech. In addition, Samuel excels above most of his peers in math, creating a simultaneous diagnosis of TWICE EXCEPTIONAL. The result is the film by the same name, a personal account of one family’s coming to terms with a less known condition and navigating doctors and speech therapists while finding strength in overcoming and attaining acceptance of one’s full exceptional self.

Asher – A Therapeutic Family Dog: Asher, a seven year old border collie lives with Harriet’s parents, Sandra Haycock and Angus Johnston. Sandra has been living with Multiple Sclerosis for almost thirty years and Angus deals with arthritis and has trouble with his mobility. He is not a registered therapy dog, however he has clearly become an incredibly valuable member of the family.

Under The Weather: When shifts in a young woman’s mental health come to life as shifts in the weather, she struggles to enjoy a “sunny picnic” with her oblivious boyfriend.

1 Billion: There are 1 Billion people with a disability in the world. Yet with so many people with disabilities, one would imagine they are accepted as part of society, have equal opportunities to education and work – however, in this short documentary film, we learn that people with disabilities are less than second class citizens. Statistics show that people with disabilities are still struggling to be recognised as equals, with many demonstrating their ‘ability’ to make a significant contribution to the broader community, just like everyone else.

Free. Wheelchair accessible. If you require accommodations for any event, please reach out to 902-209-4304 or baff@reachability.org.