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October 16, 2020

Call for Commission Proposals

Hosted by Nightswimming

We are living in a world where white supremacy is the “norm” – where Black and Indigenous lives are stolen from their families due to violence, racial injustice and systemic racism. We won’t and can’t continue to let this happen.

As a company that is devoted to commissioning and developing new Canadian plays, musical works and dance, we believe that stories, and the artists who tell them, can change the world. We recognize and are committed to changing the systems of oppression that obstruct access for and impede the advancement of Black, Indigenous and people of colour.

This is why we’ve chosen to commission a Black and/or Indigenous artist to create a full-length work.

We invite proposals for the creation of a new performance work. Nightswimming will work with the commissioned artist to design a process to develop it in full collaboration and with a focus on ensuring that the commissioned artist is empowered to work how they wish, with whom they want, and in the ways that are essential to its creation. Because Nightswimming does not self-produce the works we commission, we devote all of our time and resources to supporting the unique creation process of each new work. We commit to establishing, in consultation with each artist, partnerships with producers to ensure each work reaches the audiences you want to impact.

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If you have any questions about the application process, or have any specific accessibility concerns regarding applications that the Nightswimming team can assist with, including applying in a non-written format (i.e. as an audio or video file), please feel free to contact Brittany at 416-504-3898 or brittany@nightswimmingtheatre.com.