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May 24

Call for Submissions: e-zine & paper version

Hosted by Love During Pandemic


This is a call for art pieces around relationships during this time of pandemic 2020. Family, self, romantic love & friendships.

The stories can be imaginary or real.

It can also be poems. Songs. Blogs. Short stories or screenplays. Or musings. Or anything written down. And drawn, painted, photographed, filmed, collaged – anything under the moon. As long as it explores the current reflective topics.

We would provide links and QR codes to audio or video formats, so feel free to send those over as well.

Anonymous as an idea is meant to release people from mental blocks in regards to sharing + is inspired by infamous PostSecret blog.

The goal of this is to issue monthly (or seasonal) zine with the most wonderful art pieces as well as writing screenplays.

No stories would be used without permission. There is a potential of a small honorarium upon the sales of the zine for selected applicants.


Anybody who submits will get the digital version of the zine, when it will be ready and will get a big discount for a paper version. Funds from submission will be used to run the project ie the website, for editing it and self-publishing.

How to Apply:
Submission is $11 for a regular entry. You can send 2 regular entries for $18 and 3 for $21 + choose your number for anything more than that. We are flexible with $ if you’re short. Your enthusiasm is the most important thing.

Send an e-transfer to loveduringpandemic@gmail.com or PayPal.

Provide a title of your piece and a format in the body of the email.

Send the submissions to loveduringpandemic@gmail.com with a note in the subject on if you want to share the piece anonymously or with your name as well as if you’re requiring feedback (this is for writers mostly). If you want to include any info or social media in case you want a showcase, please do.

Entries not selected have a possibility of being chosen for the next volume, so apply anyway!

Anastasiia aka Sita Qualia is an artist, writer & community builder, based out of Coast Salish Land known as VANCOUVER, BC. She’s a Russian-Canadian import, that moved her entire life here based on the love of this land & her 2yr studies in VFS for Foundation of Art & Design + Screenwriting. Her entire conscious life she’s been writing poetry, journals & taking pictures.

Since she has created multiple digital & analogous artworks along with many animation & digital design freelance projects. Animations include How To Vote Out Harper & UBC research project. Digital design includes creation of branding for a chocolatier Muna, midwife YouBaby and musicians PachaPapa & Noble NA.

Sita is avid lover of creativity & human spirit. She has organized and exhibited art at multiple events, including Old Growth, Bridging Cascadia, Structure (at James Black Gallery in Vancouver), Blessed Coast, Astral Harvest, Alchemyst Bazaar etc. She’s gathered people for intentional creativity workshops.

She’s been getting progressively into the studies of mindfulness & organizing community initiatives. This e-magazine is meant to elevate our pain & transmute it into beauty during this times.

Her IG accounts are @daqualia, @artivisita