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November 19, 2020 - November 29, 2020

Catalina La O presenta: Ahora Conmigo

Hosted by Shanae Sodhi / JK JK

Catalina La O Presenta: Ahora Conmigo is a solo performance by JK JK, musician/performer khattieQ and writer/director Jenny Larson.

In Catalina La O the ravages of a storm have forced her to take shelter in an abandoned studio. None of her live audience has arrived, but she broadcasts her show to the millions of viewers she hopes are watching.

Catalina La O Presenta explores the life of khattieQ and of female Puerto Rican singing legends Myrta Silva and Ruth Fernández, among others. Catalina La O Presenta is a piece for the queer communities. It is a piece for the colonized body. It is a piece for Puerto Rico. It is a piece for anyone who has experienced heartbreak. It is a piece for survivors. It is a piece that speaks to resistance.


This show is a recording of the live performance and has closed captioning.