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August 4, 2020

Community Arts Project Grants

Hosted by Toronto Arts Council

Through its Community Arts Program, Toronto Arts Council (TAC) provides Project funding to Toronto non-profit organizations and collectives to pursue one-time or time-limited community arts projects. The City of Toronto provides the funding for this program through its Community Partnership and Investment Program.

Art practiced at a community level creates a powerful sense of inclusion, understanding and the possibility of self-expression among participants. It can involve one or more art practices, such as music, dance, theatre, visual arts, and storytelling, but the collaborative involvement of professional artists1 with community members is a necessary component.

More information and how to apply


  • Toronto Arts Council (TAC)

    Suite 200, 26 Grand Trunk Crescent, Toronto, Ontario M5J 3A9, Canada


    Toronto Arts Council (TAC) is the City of Toronto’s funding body for artists and arts organizations. Since 1974, TAC has played a major role in the city’s cultural industries by supporting a very broad range of artistic activity. From the emerging artist to the most established, from celebrated institutions to arts that challenge convention, TAC is typically the first funder to offer support. Today, TAC grants lead to exhibitions, performances, readings and workshops seen annually by over 5 million people. Through our ongoing funding, TAC cultivates a rich engagement between artists and audiences. We are proud to reflect Toronto’s vibrancy through the diversity of artists, arts communities and audiences that we serve.