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A group of dancers in motion in a studio

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December 11, 2020 - February 26, 2021

Cycles Movement Practice

Hosted by Across Oceans Arts

Fridays, 8am EST (Zoom)

“Invitation to join in Maxine Heppner’s CYCLES movement practice. Designed for all bodies, the Goal is > to Dance like Yourself > with intention and fluidity.

The work is particularly effective for developing and supporting ease and power from the inside-out with Breath, Impulse, and micro-to-macro expression.

Other times can be set up on request (especially if 8am is too early for you) and a recording of live session is available on request. Also specific focus can be requested.

Email > info@acrossoceans.org > Cost? sliding scale $15-30 or pwyc if you can.

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CYCLES with Maxine has been a all bodies practice for more than a decade. The online sessions are viewed from a person’s own environment. All activities can be done on a chair, floor, bed, standing, sitting, lying down. All activities can be understood purely visually (demonstration) and purely audibly (only sound).