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November 1 - December 6

Elle Ardani: Stories Of Solitude

Hosted by Workman Arts


1348 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON, Canada

Stories of Solitude is an emotional and visual exploration of the city of Toronto. It is grounded in creating intimacy and solace in what is otherwise considered a big city.

This is a series of ten photographs, each telling a story. Each story is fully dependent on the internal state of the viewer. Ardani often is in meditative contemplation when searching for images. She has attempted to bridge the space between the vastness of Toronto’s internal/external landscape with that of the imagination and the relative internal life of the viewer. The subjective state of the viewer creates the narrative surrounding each image. Each image becomes a canvas, space where one projects what one may feel and identify with at the time. A connection is made to the rich and mysteriously raw content of the city. This is a creative portal where the viewer may discover the immediacy of the particular landscape as a long-term guide and companion into his or her subjective interior. The city, with all its beautiful uncertainties, can simply become this reliable old friend. A relationship is established.

Mysterious as the concept may sound, it simply requires a step outside the comfort of our homes where the search itself becomes a pilgrimage. What we perceive and see in the outside world is simply a mirror to what is within. This encourages us to be open to the possibilities of an unconventional approach to wholeness.

Elle Ardani is originally from Tehran, Iran. She arrived in Canada from England in 1990.
Her work aims to explore the use of urban spaces as both transformational and inspirational tools. Images are used to express various subjective states that are often too challenging to articulate in any given verbal language. Elle’s photography creates moods that aim to address the emotional vulnerability of the viewer. The images are often atmospheric and introspective, inviting the viewer on an internal journey

Elle Ardani would like to thank the Ontario Arts Council (OAC) for funding this body of work with the Exhibition Assistance grant.

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Venue is wheelchair accessible via a ramp. Washrooms are located down a flight of stairs. More information about the venue can be found on Facebook.