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"Gimpy: A New Musical" in handwritten text surrounded by illustrated lights, beside a photo of Kirsten Kirsch

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November 25, 2020

Gimpy: A New Musical

Hosted by Realwheels Theatre

7pm PST

Gimpy: A New Musical follows Soren, a young woman with a disability living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, who dreams of becoming a Broadway musical star. Despite her talent, the theatre world isn’t ready to risk casting a person with a disability. Meanwhile, her father, the fictional mayor of Tulsa, insists she follow a more practical career path. Soren meets a musician who recognizes her songwriting talent and she discovers a different route to her dreams of being a performing artist, helping out her beloved town along the way. The universal themes in this story will resonate through the perspective of a person with cerebral palsy carving their own path in life. In addition to writing her first play, Kirsten Kirsch also plays the lead character.

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About the Playwright: Following a national call for submissions for a playwright who lives with disability, Toronto-based artist Kirsten Kirsch was named as the recipient of our inaugural Playwright-in-Residence Award. Kirsten brings 20 years of theatre experience and recently furthered her dream of recording an album by releasing her first EP, Kirsch Royale (2013), available on Spotify and iTunes. Her first single, Firefly (2019), from the upcoming Blue Roses, is also available on music streaming platforms.

Kirsten has been working on her first original play, Gimpy: A New Musical, with support from dramaturges Liesl Lafferty, Susinn McFarlan, Lynna Goldhar Smith, and Realwheels Artistic Director Rena Cohen.

We’re excited to share this new work with YOU via a free (donations welcome) virtual reading of the script. Stay tuned after the reading, there will be a live Q&A where attendees are invited to ask questions of the playwright and the other artists!


ASL interpretation will be provided. Free with registration. For any accessibility questions, please contact Cadence Konopaki at info@realwheels.ca.


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    Realwheels Theatre, based in Vancouver, is proud to occupy a valuable and necessary niche in the arts community. We aim to inspire a new generation of artists to participate in the arts and further develop an audience to embrace the inclusion of disability onstage, and, more importantly, offstage in the real world.