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May 3 - May 4

Most Imaginary Worlds

Hosted by Quest Theatre / Inside Out Theatre


130-1721 29th Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB, Canada

May 3 & 4
7 PM

Created by Inside Out Theatre’s Point of View Ensemble Presented by Quest Theatre

A mysterious man lives on a bus, serving ice-cream and wisdom…
A star gazing mermaid floats in the ocean…
A fearsome pirate Captain can’t get her crew to follow her orders…
A student discovers she can control time after an eye-popping chemistry class explosion…

These fantastic characters and more are waiting to be discovered in Inside Out Theatre’s Most Imaginary Worlds. With magical worlds coming to us right from the sparkling, vibrant universe of imaginations of Calgary children with disabilities, Most Imaginary Worlds presents stories of hope, gems of hilarity, battles with equality, and triumphs of the human spirit.

Created by Inside Out’s Point of View Ensemble, Most Imaginary Worlds plays with the Social Model of Disability, which says that “disability” is caused by the way society is organized rather than by a person’s difference. By imagining with young collaborators worlds free of these barriers Inside Out has created on-stage worlds and stories built for their happiness and designed for their success.

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Wheelchair accessible venue. Accessible washrooms. Elevator.