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December 17, 2020 - December 27, 2020

Panto Come Home!

Hosted by The Cultch

What do you get when you mix the best of all seven East Van Pantos, the York Theatre, and 350 pounds of past costumes? It’s Panto Come Home!

In 2020’s Panto Come Home! Theatre Replacement’s Artistic Directors James Long and Maiko Yamamoto sneak into the York to find very sad pyjama clad Veda Hille parked at her piano. Seems she’s moved into the theatre and has been spending her days trying to relive Panto memories of old. In an attempt to cheer her up they call up a bunch of their Panto friends to sing and dance the greatest East Van Panto hits. Things go sideways fast when the Phanto of the Panto swoops in. He’s been watching these things ever since Jack and the Beanstalk opened the York 8 years ago and has a few choice ideas of his own. Physically-distanced antics ensue!

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The chickens have been busy collecting an all-star cast of East Van Panto favourites including Dawn Petten (Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, Wizard of Oz), Donna Soares (Cinderella), Amanda Sum (Pinocchio), Shawn Macdonald (Pinocchio), and Mark Chavez (writer, Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White). Together, they will dig into the East Van Panto vault and remix the best of the last seven years into a brand new holiday extravaganza. From the ‘Cheese Song’ to the BC Ferry Godmother, Panto Come Home! is guaranteed to knock out the isolation blues and bring home the holidays.


Viewing option with captions will be available for for the following performances: December 22 (2pm), December 23 (7pm), December 26 (2pm and 7pm), December 27 (12pm)