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December 7

Shorts Screening Series

Hosted by Human Rights Film Festival


720 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON, Canada

December 7 at 9:30 PM

Please note that this event is a part of the Opening Night Reception and is only accessible with a ticket to TransMilitary, the Opening Night Film.

More information on the Human Rights Film Festival website


How to Disarm a Fighter Jet: Early one January in 2017 a priest and a quaker activist were discovered midway through a break-in at an airbase in the north of England. Their plan was to destroy British made fighter jets bound for the war in Yemen. These jets were part of a multibillion pound weapons deal with Saudi Arabia: a deal that politicians, legal experts and NGOs have deemed illegal. Charged with criminal damage, the pair gambled their liberty for a chance to put the arms trade on trial.

Over the Wall: A coincidental meeting between two kids from both sides of the separation wall catches them by surprise, as they learn that reality is different than what they’ve been told.

We the Children: We the Children is a short documentary about childrens’ thoughts and feelings on politics. Sparked by the 2016 elections results, we witness how a group of children, ages 7 to 11, at a democratic school in Harlem, New York City, responds to their concern about the direction their country might take as a result of Donald Trump elected as president. Through an ongoing journey that involves their own civic law education, community involvement, and activism, they ultimately question the general perception of children’ s limited role in politics and open the door for further discussion.

Timbó: Construction of dams by energy companies in the Brazilian Amazon would destroy the heart of the world’s largest rainforest, and severely affect the community of the indigenous people in the area. If built, the dams would flood an area the size of London, Paris and Amsterdam combined. The flood would also cause a large amount of toxic plants to dissolve in the water, leading to severe poisoning or even death among the local tribes. These plants are commonly known as Timbó.

Gaze: On her way back from work a woman witnesses something happening in the bus and she has to decide if she reveals it or not.

Wheelchair accessible venue. ASL interpretation will be provided. All films have English subtitles. Relaxed screening. The shorts screening series will have a dedicated Held Space and an active listener on-site. Complimentary tickets for support persons can be booked by calling 416.637.3123. More information on accessibility is available on the Human Rights Film Festival website.