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July 31, 2020

The Queerantine Project – Call for Submissions

Hosted by The ArQuives

The ArQuives is looking to document and archive the LGBTQ2+ community’s experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic. We would like to document this catastrophic event so that future generations can learn about the ways it has impacted our communities.

We are inviting LGBTQ2+ folks to donate materials for our Queerantine Project. We are currently only accepting digital-born content, such as your personal photos (ie. selfies with masks, zoom images, etc.), journal entries, poetry, short videos, audio files, letters/emails, obituaries, and artwork. We are also accepting screenshots of webpages depicting LGBTQ2+ activities and events related to COVID-19.

More information and submission form (Google form)

We are especially interested in submissions from the more acutely marginalized groups within the larger LGBTQ2+ community (ie. Black, Indigenous, people of colour, trans, gender non-conforming, disabled folks, folks experiencing poverty, and/or lack of housing).