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August 24, 2019

Unpacking Ableism in the Queer Community

Hosted by Bricks & Glitter / CRIP Collective


163 Sterling Road, Toronto, ON, Canada

August 24
2 PM – 4 PM

The CRIP Collective presents a special Bricks & Glitter version of their Unpacking Ableism workshop! Unpacking Ableism addresses ableism within an intersectional framework, defines accessibility and accommodations, facilitates conversations around DIY access, and helps participants to unpack ableism and engage meaningfully with anti-ableist discourse. This workshop is meant to create awareness of the importance of access and universal design specifically in queer spaces. Participants will leave the workshop with tangible ways to organize events in accessible ways, and engage with the disabled queer community.

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Pay what you can (suggested donation $10). There is a small ramp to enter the building, and a single washroom with a bar on the main floor. We encourage participants to please be scent free. ASL is currently unavailable, please contact info@criproject.com to discuss alternative arrangements. For more info about Unit 2 and their accessibility policies, see here: http://unit2.club/accessibility