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About Creative Connector meetups

The 2022 meetups have wrapped up for the year. Thanks for joining us! Sign up for our newsletter where we’ll announce more information about next year’s program.

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Past artists


Illustrated portrait of Alexis Bulman wearing a green collared jumpsuit against a yellow background.

Alexis Bulman

Alexis Bulman is an interdisciplinary artist based in Epekwitk’/ Prince Edward Island with lived experience of disability. Alexis uses community and collaboration in her practice to explore negotiations and conversations around climate change and access in public and private spaces.

Illustrated portrait of Sage Lovell wearing a blue shirt against a yellow background.

Sage Lovell

Sage Lovell (they/she) is an artist, writer, and entrepreneur. Being Deaf, Queer, Disabled, and Neurodivergent; they are an artist who likes to work their magic, using different art mediums to shift perspective and spaces. With their multitude of talents, they were able to incorporate their passion for interweaving media, language, performance, and accessibility into works of art.

An illustrated portrait of Jenel Shaw wearing a yellow shirt against a dark grey background.

Jenel Shaw

Jenel Shaw is a self-taught visual artist focusing on learning new ways to craft and explore artistic expression. Jenel is the executive director of Arts AccessAbility Network Manitoba, the liaison director for the Manitoba Cultural Society of the Deaf and the Co-Chair of the Manitoba Artist-Run Centres Coalition. Jenel has a Master in Disability Studies from the University of Manitoba.

Illustrated portrait of Salima Punjani wearing a bright yellow shirt against a neon pink background

Salima Punjani

Salima Punjani is a multisensory artist and MSW grounded in relational aesthetics. She is particularly interested in the intersection between art and care work, specifically, how multiple senses can be used to expand the possibilities for people to feel welcome in art spaces. She enjoys creating artful experiences of empathy, intimacy, and connection.

An illustrated portrait of Chris Dodd, wearing a bright yellow shirt on a bright pink background.

Chris Dodd

Chris Dodd is a Deaf performing artist, playwright, accessibility advocate and founder and artistic director of SOUND OFF, a theatre festival dedicated to the Deaf performing arts! Chris knows a lot about Adaptive Technology having worked with people with disabilities for 20 years to solve challenges through tech. He is the recipient of the Guy Laliberté Prize for innovation and creative leadership by the Canada Council of the Arts and a Governor General Innovation Award finalist!

Illustrated portrait of Ashley King wearing a grey shirt against a bright yellow background

Ashley King

Ashley King is a Mexican Canadian, visually impaired emerging artist based in Calgary. As an Artistic Associate at Inside Out Theatre, she advocates for equal representation, accessibility, and inclusion in the arts. Ashley has a background in acting, writing, and public speaking and is drawn to the art of storytelling through the lens of one’s own lived experiences.

Illustrated portrait of Harmeet Rehal wearing white with a bright green scarf draped over their shoulders, and holding a pink flower, against a bright yellow background.

Harmeet Rehal

Harmeet is a fat, trans, and disabled, Sikh-Panjabi artist and designer living in Tkaronto otherwise known as Toronto.

Using a disability justice framework in their work, Harmeet makes art that activates senses and feelings of rest, pleasure, and slowness.

When they’re not facilitating workshops on accessible digital design, collaging and textile painting, Harmeet works with the community and provides peer and crisis support.

Illustrated portrait of Anna Camilleri wearing a yellow shirt against a light teal green background.

Anna Camilleri

Anna Camilleri has been working in the realm of performance, image, and text for over 25 years. An interdisciplinary theatre artist and designer, her tactile and sculptural works are primarily expressed through public artwork. Anna is founding Artistic Co-Director of ReDefine Arts, and works within a network of partnerships to create opportunities for art-making, presentation, and mentorship that advance disability justice, collective liberation, and artistic innovation.

An illustrated portrait of Wy-J Kou wearing a red hoodie against a yellow background

Wy-J Kou

Wy Joung Kou is a queer, chronically ill, multi-disciplinary artist based in Toronto. Their body of work spans mosaic art, poetry, sound, movement, performance, video, and installation. Grounded in a disability justice framework centering accessibility, community and interdependence, their artistic practice is interwoven with personal narratives of grief, care, and intimacy.

Illustrated portrait of Peter Owusu-Ansah

Peter Owusu-Ansah

Peter is a Deaf visual artist in Toronto, Ontario. In 2009, he zoomed in on one of his artworks and became curious about the wide range of colourful pixels on his computer screen. Using Photoshop as a tool, Peter went on to create large scale compositions that communicate our connection to nature. In 2020, he co-curated Deaf Interiors, an online three-month incubator and exhibition presenting six Deaf Canadian artists. His works are shown around Canada and are privately collected in Toronto, and New York.