Network Connector

Helping you connect to new opportunities, mobilize social justice, cultivate artistic practice and make it easier for people to find you!

Are you feeling disconnected from the Deaf and disability arts community? Are you an artist, service provider, community member or consultant looking for opportunities to create inclusive experiences?

Network Connector, a pilot project, is an online database of people working in or interested in working in Deaf, Mad and disability culture, accessibility, and the arts.

Network Connector features

Get first dibs on new opportunities
As a member of Network Connector, we think you should get new calls for submissions, opportunities and job postings delivered straight to your inbox as we get them.

Get featured on social media
Are you on Instagram? If you’re a member of Network Connector, add your Instagram handle and we’ll feature you in our Instagram Guide.

How to use Network Connector

This is a work in process and people are still completing their profiles! To get a preview of the network in development, you can go directly to Airtable or review the network below. You can use the filter feature to find people based on their expertise, community or areas of interest.

This is a prototype so some features may not be accessible to you! In that case, please get in touch with us and we can send you an alternate format that works for you.

Add your profile here to join the community on Network Connector!

If you’d like to update your profile, email us at

Note: Network Connector is a pilot community resource; its objective is to facilitate connections for potential collaborations. Creative Users Projects is not responsible for the process or the outcome of any such collaborations. We strongly encourage all parties using the network to do their own due diligence before entering into a working arrangement.

The Network Connector database