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Ahuri Theatre


223 Silverthorn Ave., Toronto, ON, M6N 3K2, Canada

Phone number: 416-419-0516

Email: dan@ahuritheatre.com

Ahuri Theatre is an award winning international collective of artists. We strive to bring together that which is usually separated, and to discover the likeness between things which are thought unlike. We do this through live performance, placing people, cultures, languages and ideas in a creative space to be explored, celebrated, challenged, and transformed. Inclusion is at our core: we progressively define, evolve and redefine our creation methods to include everyone in the room regardless of language, culture and ability. We eat, work and play together. We laugh. We make mistakes. And through our common experiences, we strive create something original that can smash preconceived notions, above all, those deemed to be universal.