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Theatre Orangeville


87 Broadway, Orangeville, ON, L9W 5J7, Canada

Phone number: 519-942-3423

Email: tickets@theatreorangeville.ca

There is sheer joy to be found in making and sharing live theatre. We invite you to watch, listen, think, feel, question, challenge, empathize and most of all, imagine. For as soon as audience and artist engage in the collective act of imagining, lives are changed - the world is changed. We at Theatre Orangeville are a family of artists. From the stage, to the office, to the shops and the boardroom - all of us passionately believe that theatre is a powerful and entertaining experience that with your support, is helping us to contribute to the creation of a vital and vibrant community. We look forward to sharing the imaginative, unexplainable miracle that is live theatre with you and your family - every time you become part of our audience.